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Creative Compact - Photographer

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Creative Compact - Photographer - Portfolio Creative


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Enjoy this rich graphic website template, designed for those individuals looking to show off their work in professional manner. All pages have been designed with table less XHTML/CSS and works in all major browsers.

Includes a neat image rollover system on the home page using Mootools. A clever way to show off your best pieces of work in a small thumbail form that encourages user interaction and increases the chances of people viewing your work.

I have supplied four template pages that give you an excellent base on which to add all your own content.

Site Features:

  • Compact design with rich graphics to enhance your own graphical work
  • Compliant XHTML/CSS code that works in all major browsers
  • Mootools based thumbnail rollover on homepage to give quick glimpse of your work
  • Portfolio page with excellent Custom made horizontal work scroller with custom scrollbar – None of those ugly scrollbars looking different on different browsers!!
  • Scroller includes possibility of unlimited amount of content, you can include images, even include text, swf’s or movie files. The width is infinite and the scroller accounts for it
  • Project page includes a script to provide an automatic reflection to your image!

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19 August 08

Last Update:
19 August 08

Compatible Browsers:
Firefox, IE6, IE7, Safari

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